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Our professional and caring staff is dedicated to working with your family to provide assistance in selecting high quality and affordable funeral services during a time of need.  We are effective at lowering costs while retaining the quality of service as expected.

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Funeral Planning

Make all the arrangements for you loved ones service.  


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Why is it important to plan ahead?

It’s less stressful.

Pre-planning ensures your loved ones will not have to make a number of important decisions during a time of mourning. No matter what funeral home you choose to work with, your plan will be transferable to any funeral home in the United States.

It’s cheaper.

Planning your arrangements relieves your family of the financial burden and allows you time to make calculated decisions and have the services you envisioned. In addition, your family becomes protected from the ravages of inflation. Your expenses can be covered through a pre-payment plan.

It can save you time.

Knowing prior what’s happening when, and committing to certain plans, allows you to express your own wishes. When pre-planning, there are both guaranteed and non-guaranteed plans available to choose from.

You can avoid missing out on things.

Pre-planning allows your loved ones to spend their time comforting each other during a time of grief, instead of concerning themselves with the specifics of the arrangements.

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General Price List

Click here to see out General Price List for Ogdensburg Harrisville, and Tupper Lake Funeral homes.